2020: A year of lessons for all

Without a doubt, this year has been one that has forever changed our World. The COVID_19 situation has been the main focus, but not the only event that happened this year. We have seen how humanity and the planet have been altered in all areas of life. For me personally, it has been a year of profound change. It was one of survival, going through moments of great difficulty. However, as through the years, I had to adjust to the constant changes that were occurring not only in my life, but also in the life of this World. I had to adjust to these changes despite having autism and always having difficulty adjusting to the changes and doing many things at the same time.

Despite being a year of great challenges, it was also a year of great blessings and accomplishments. I was able to complete a year on television at Univision Orlando, transitioning from a guest to today as a contributor and interviewer. Also, I was blessed and grateful for the people who came into my life, forming new friendships and relationships. I was able to reach more families and communities that have been impacted by Autism, sharing my story and giving hope that their sons and daughters have a great purpose in life. And very important, I had to do a deep introspection on the things that we give importance in life.

These are moments of great change for everyone. But, it is important never to let go what is the essence of what truly makes us human: love and human warmth. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a new year of life and purpose. Thank you for allowing me to share my story and life experience with you.

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Published by Tony Hernandez Pumarejo

I am advocate for people with Autism and other disabilities around the World. I am also a TV collaborator, writer and author of the book called "An Autism Unscripted Life" , which talks about my life with ASD. I do speaking presentations on different topics such as Autism, neurodiversity, mental health, bullying, employment, motivational speaking and much more.

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