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2021: Perseverance

2021: If there is one word to describe to you, it is perseverance. To be persevering before all challenge and adversity, both in my personal life and in the life of this World. Managing new challenges, realizing who is who, health, depression, anxiety and exhaustion. In the World, pandemic, deaths, loss of freedoms, condemnation of freedom of expression, lack of empathy, economic challenges, mental health, separation of families, divisions, etc.

But with all these challenges and circumstances, I have been able to realize and find more of myself and put things in perspective in my life. From the good in the personal: two years of television talking about Autism and life challenges, reaching more families impacted by Autism and the challenges of life, meeting wonderful new people, visiting wonderful places and continuing to learn more about this thing called life.

We are facing great challenges in the new year, but moving forward in the hope of building an inclusive world for all. We are more than challenges and we have to work together to achieve it.

I wish you all to have an excellent new year 2022 of health, union and love. No matter what happens from now on, I will always be grateful for giving me the opportunity to serve you. Enjoy New Year’s Eve in health. Limite the use of pyrotechnics in conscience with the autistic population, pets and other people.




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