My first ever blog!


Note: This is my first ever blog written in February 2017. Just transferred it here.

Hey everyone!,

This is my first time writing in my own blog. Hope to share with all of you ideas and ways to make a difference in this World. My goal is to talk about things that I care about and share ideas with everyone. The purpose is to have an open forum that welcomes everyone, regardless of the attachments that society puts on us. Hope to learn from you all and be together in this journey. Thank You.

Tony Hernandez Pumarejo


Published by Tony Hernandez Pumarejo

I am advocate for people with Autism and other disabilities around the World. I am also a TV collaborator, writer and author of the book called "An Autism Unscripted Life" , which talks about my life with ASD. I do speaking presentations on different topics such as Autism, neurodiversity, mental health, bullying, employment, motivational speaking and much more.

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